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Phil Beach delivers a refreshing sound that balances emotion and popularity in one cohesive artist. The Savannah native has always embraced his fluid qualities just like his namesake, beginning with poetry in his teenage years. When he discovered a passion for music he immediately gravitated towards hip-hop for it’s lyrical similarities, and grew to enjoy crafting R&B and soul music for its emotional context. Over the years, his jokingly copy of Frank Ocean’s name began to define his artistry. He would focus heavily on the “feel” of the music and make sure there was only positive energy to be found in his records. The “beach” was also crucial to his style, as it radiates good energy and water acts as a cleanser and a purifier to the mind, body, and spirit. For the past five years, not only has he released many successful singles and projects culminating into his debut album, “Three Three Three,” he would also continue writing and publish both poetry and novels while hosting a powerful open mic called “Creatively Crafted” in his hometown. Phil Beach is much more than an artist, and he wants to put his best foot forward in every avenue of art to bring joy to the people who come across it!



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"Three Three Three" By Phil Beach

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